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Helal Ahmad

Site developed by:

Helal Ahmad


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RKG Level


Quality of products:

high and within agreed AQL.


Price level:

moderate, competitive and workable.


Delivery time:

within agreed schedule.


Service standard:



Communication standard:

each mail must be answered within 24hrs. Both e-mail, SMS and phone conversation is in practice.



this is our important specialty, we can adopt any changes or requirements within very short notice.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

social compliance is one of most important criteria we consider while selecting a factory.

First stage team: The Intellectuals
Our experience evolved and expanded by close working with EU buyers. So we understand buyer's requirements very easily.
Our experience with computer aided designs make us a supplier having unique capability, our own designs were chosen by customer and sold in UK market early 2010. So we can understand any design works better than other suppliers. More than eight years we have been working as local agent for several clothing brands which given us opportunity to handle orders, monitor production and ensure quality in each segment day to day, independently. This also given us the chance to work with highly experienced QA professionals at buyer's companies. So we have got the practical experience regarding quality, quality related legal issues etc.
So practically we learnt from Buyers, Merchandisers, Designers and QA mangers who are top professionals and working at renowned clothing companies in UK, France, Belgium, Russia and Australia. For every new customers, we study their QA manual very carefully to enrich our knowledge.

Second stage team: The Doers
Second stage follow up and QA team consist with people having at least 10years of working experience in different garments factory. So they can convey instructions from first stage follow up team to the factory technicians and clarify the issue in their own terms, it makes an easy working chain without any understanding or mis-understanding problem.

FRI policy: Prevention is better than cure
If a lot is rejected on final random inspection, it will be re-checked, re-worked and again ready for FRI. This will cost valuable time at the very last moment before shipment. Even sometimes the problem could be un-rectifiable! If a lot is fully or partially rejected it will cost both factory and buyers, factory will lose money directly and buyer will lose money as they can not have the goods in their shelf at the store. So our policy is to identify problem and take remedies on the spot during production, not after completion the goods. Therefore we engage more manpower and more efforts while production is running. This policy ensure the FRI result will be ok whoever do it.

Business policy: Honesty is the best policy
We are honest in our business, all the time every time. There is no exception about this policy. Our buyer's trust is our main capital that take us forward and we keep it safe. People who trust us with their orders from thousands of miles away, we have greater moral responsibility for them, we are well concerned about this fact and we care about this fact.
At the same time we have responsibility for our associate factories who invest lot of money to produce the goods, we try our best to ensure that they have their financial safety in terms of payment, but no compromise if they fail to comply with the agreed terms for quality and delivery date.